fall suncatchers!

Have you seen the Easy Autumn Tree Suncatchers over at Frugal Family Fun Blog?  So pretty!  So easy! Valerie does such a great job showing step-by-step instructions, so check out her blog if you have little people in your life. 

Meanwhile, here are a few photos of our cutie patootie's at play...

I just love watching Baby Deke create his first "big boy" craft!
Hooray for new fall artwork on the sliding-glass door! 

And hooray for new fall artwork on the windows of the preschool room.  We liked this craft so much that we shared it with the pre-k class!  The kiddos there cut their own trees and I love the way they turned out...each so unique!

F is for...FEATHERS!

This week, we are including the letter "F" in our play time and what better way to begin than with feathers?!  (There is more than one way to decorate a pumpkin!)

simply add glue...

and add feathers!

Clearly, "F" is for fun!

how about them apples?

An hour or so from our home are dozens of apple orchards and visiting them is maybe my favorite fall activity.  This year, due to a late frost, the apple harvest was really skimpy and we were sad to discover that there were no apples to pick when we got there.  That doesn't mean there wasn't fun to be had!

this patch of flowers was beautiful and so much fun to play in!

Daddy and his lookalike son

kiss attack!

A is for aquarium

Last week was "A" week at our house.   The idea was to give us a little direction for our crafts, food, and adventures.


We did a lot of "A" inspired activities, but our favorite was a trip with Daddy to the aquarium.

JP touched the stingray for the first time!

We even managed to get two family photos - something that almost never happens!

nature suncatchers

A post from The Artful Parent reminded me of how much fun we can have crafting with nature.

So, we invited a couple of friends to go on a nature walk with us to the creek at the end of the street. Along the way, we picked up twigs and leaves. The next morning, JP and I went for a walk and collected some more.

Next, we cut frames for our suncatchers.

I folded the paper in half and drew a zigzag line to follow. Then the kids doodled on the frame with crayons. (Next time, we'll use paint for a more vibrant outline!)

Then, I placed the frames on contact paper and it was time to make collages. I just love watching the kiddos unique personalities shine through!

Tabitha showed her creativity and ability to think outside of the box when she included some orange peels, leftover from snack!

And JP took his time, methodically selecting the very best place for each leaf and twig.

We added another sheet of contact paper to the top and...Tada!

We trimmed the edges and the masterpieces were complete!

It has been a while since we used the sliding glass door in the kitchen to display artwork. I love the way the suncatchers bring nature inside our home.

my beautiful oops

Every parent (no, every person) should own a copy of Beautiful OOPS by Barney Saltzberg.

Today, I had a "beautiful oops" of my own. After naps, I was planning to break out our new glitter glue to decorate construction paper flowers, but my flowers looked a lot more like...bugs. (sigh) The kiddos turned my mistake into something beautiful though and decided to add eyes, feather wings, and antennae to one.

They created a whole colony of colorful alien bugs. Tada!