nature suncatchers

A post from The Artful Parent reminded me of how much fun we can have crafting with nature.

So, we invited a couple of friends to go on a nature walk with us to the creek at the end of the street. Along the way, we picked up twigs and leaves. The next morning, JP and I went for a walk and collected some more.

Next, we cut frames for our suncatchers.

I folded the paper in half and drew a zigzag line to follow. Then the kids doodled on the frame with crayons. (Next time, we'll use paint for a more vibrant outline!)

Then, I placed the frames on contact paper and it was time to make collages. I just love watching the kiddos unique personalities shine through!

Tabitha showed her creativity and ability to think outside of the box when she included some orange peels, leftover from snack!

And JP took his time, methodically selecting the very best place for each leaf and twig.

We added another sheet of contact paper to the top and...Tada!

We trimmed the edges and the masterpieces were complete!

It has been a while since we used the sliding glass door in the kitchen to display artwork. I love the way the suncatchers bring nature inside our home.

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Kim @ The Learning Hypothesis said...

Love this idea. We just finished a nature walk today so this post is just in time.