25 weeks

Today was another day of ups and downs. Last night, Joey started feeling contractions around 2 am and was moved back to Labor and Delivery. Once again, things settled down with the help of medication, and she was moved back to the regular floor this evening.

While the doctors have different opinions about what the days ahead may bring, we all celebrate the fact that we've made it to 25 weeks.

I feel like I should be in two places at once - with both my wife and my son. Joey assures me that JP needs me more, but I still wish I could be both places.

This morning, I went to APU to catch up on some work. Then, I took JP to his Gymboree class. It was pajama day, and he wore his gorilla jammies. We crawled around with flashlights hunting for animals. Later in the day, Joey and I had a consultation with the Pediatric Intensive Care team, and they told us what to expect in the event of an early delivery. Of course, we're still hoping that Joey will stay pregnant for many weeks to come.

They did an ultrasound to estimate the baby's weight (1 lb, 10 oz). And guess what else we learned? It's a GIRL!!


Winnie said...

YAY! JP is gonna have a sister! :o)

wheezeybouncer said...

aww a girl. jp is going to be such a protective big brother. i'm sending "stay there baby" vibes across the ocean from the UK. i can only guess at how hard it is for you all.

geina x

wheezeybouncer said...

aww, JP is going to be such a protective big brother!

i'm sending "stay in there baby" vibes across the ocean from the UK.

i can't even imagine how hard this is for all of you :o(

geina x

Charity said...

Tedd and Joanna, you guys are in my thoughts everyday.

This is Charity from JP's due date forum. If you would email me either your home address or the hospital address, we would love to send Joanna something to let her know that we are all thinking about her.
You can email me at fandc98@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful news - a beautiful baby girl!
Still praying for you all, keeping you in my heart and my thoughts.

Fernanda said...

Yeay a girl!!!! How awesome :)

Stay strong, we are praying for you!

Please email us the address of the hospital.


Lots of love;)