25 weeks, 1 day

Many of you have asked what can be expected if a baby is delivered at a very premature age. We understand your questions because we had them too. Here is what we learned from our visit yesterday with the pediatric NICU staff:

The main problem for little ones is the possibility of major neurological problems. Babies born so prematurely have poor lung function without exception. Once preemies come into the world, an expert team works to get oxygen to their little brains – that becomes the number one immediate goal. Anyway, we now have names for the disabilities that can result, we know what to expect in terms of ventilation and feeding in the early days and weeks, and we are just filing all of this information away as data we hope never to learn of first hand. I’ve already received steroids to boost the baby’s lung capacity and function - a common and important practice when there is any chance of early delivery.

We love this baby girl.

Tedd and I like the surprise of waiting to find out if our children are boys or girls, but we decided to break our tradition and find out this time. You see, so many people have told us that baby girl preemies do better than baby boys and so we were curious. It isn’t just an old wives tale either - boys and girls do develop differently (as do men and women). Interestingly, I was watching The Today Show this morning and there was a segment on just this very thing. So, we were especially thrilled to find out that we have a daughter. Her name is Tabitha Maureen, named after our mothers, and she’s going to be a fighter.

I have decided to pray more specifically today. I am praying that the next 48 hours are without contraction issues and that I can go safely home (on bed-rest, of course) very soon. I am also praying that Tabitha stays inside until at least 28 weeks. (Join me in that prayer, will you?) I am praying with GREAT EXPECTATION. Maybe that’s a bigger difference than the specifics of my prayers. I’ve been praying with great desperation, but now I have great expectation that our baby will join our family in due time – and that she will be whole and healthy.


momto2 said...

Joanna, Ted and JP,
You and your baby are in my thoughts and prayers. We miss you at the Fall/Winter 2008/2009 babies forum and are all praying and thinking of you.

Love and prayers Tara

Kimberly said...

Yes, we do miss you! What a beautiful name for a girl :).

I've been thinking about you lots lately and I check here often to make sure baby girl is still growing.

Keep up your spirits! You two are incredibly strong and I admire both of you deeply.

Prayers go out to your family daily from me!

Mrs. B said...

Joanna and Tedd,
I've been reading your journal and I want you to know that each and everyday I am thinking of you and praying for the whole family. I know when baby Tabitha decides to greet the world it will be to a world full of love. Prayers for 28 weeks or more!

Anonymous said...

I, too, love this baby girl.
Definitely joining you in that specific prayer for Tabitha Maureen, my New Niece!
Uncle Peter

Anonymous said...

I am praying with GREAT EXPECTATION that Tabitha will stay put and when God decides the time is right she will be born healthy and go on to a happy wonderfully full life.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey and Tedd. I am in Plains, Montana. What a beautiful place. I'm sure that God will listen to my prayers since I am so close to heaven. You are in my prayers! We will pray for 28 weeks! Love you,Cindie

Unknown said...

Joey and Tedd,
You are in are thoughts and our prayers. We pray that Joey will be able to go home soon with baby still in her tummy. We also pray for JP and Tedd that God will bond and grow you closer during this time. What a blessing it is for JP to spend so much time with Daddy. :) Now that we know the baby's name, we will continue to pray specifically for Tabitha. We are encouraged by your faith and trust in God.