get yer' craft on!

We were feeling more tired than crafty at the end of 2010, but it is a brand new year and this banner craft (adapted from lilla a) was a great jump-start to get those crafty juices flowing.

First, you need to take some pages from a book you are ready to recycle. The text won't really be seen in the end, so content doesn't matter, but you might want to put a touch of thought into your decision since YOU'LL know (and wouldn't it be a drag to be distracted by bad book memories when admiring the finished product?) I choose Eat, Pray, Love.

Anyway...just paint the pages! Tabitha used liquid watercolor paints with glitter.

Let the pages dry and string them on a ribbon.

Next, throw them on the floor. (Just kidding! We added that for fun.)

And hang them someplace special. We chose the sliding-glass door in the kitchen.

And I that I have my "craft on" this gives me a good idea for a Valentine's Day banner...Happy crafting!

(Original inspiration found here:

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