And so, a new year has begun!

We took a hiatus from posting during the latter part of last year because life got so BUSY. Looking back, we see it as a roller-coaster year filled with challenges and (many more) blessings. The highlight, of course, was the addition of our new baby...the one who makes our family complete.

For years, we have discussed developing a "mission statement" for our family. Makes sense, right? Companies, churches, and all kinds of organizations do the same to guide their decisions and help define their beliefs. If you have ever been on a committee forming such a statement, you know it is time-intensive and tedious work. And since extra time is in short supply here with three babes, three and under, we decided to table that idea for now.

Still, we wanted something specific on which to focus our year. Here is what we came up with:

The verse is from 1 Corinthians 16:14. The children helped decorate a homemade banner and painted hearts with fingerpaints. We'll hang this banner above the sliding door in our kitchen and a similar version above our front door. I hope it really will be a focal point for our hearts this year.

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