A woman in a white coat walked in just before lunchtime and introduced herself as so-and-so from the patient education department.

“I visit all of the moms who are about to deliver,” she said smiling. “And I was just wondering if you have any questions about what labor might be like.



Is it okay that I laughed out loud?

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I don’t mean to laugh. It’s just that I delivered my son at this hospital less than a year ago and this baby is only 24 weeks along, so I’m sure it would be really different if I delivered now.”

“Oh,” she said. “Do you plan to breastfeed as soon as your baby is born?”

Seriously? I don’t mean to complain, but is there an education department for the patient education department? Because that’s a stupid question. “Yeah, lady, all one pound of the child will latch right on. No problem.” Isn’t a more appropriate question, “Will the baby be able to breathe?”

Have any information in your script about that?

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, you have to be the educator for the patient education staff, otherwise, no one else is going to be.
Hey. 'member when we were in the Trinity sanctuary with Deb rehearsin' something and you said "Dumb clock" in a sullen, bitter tone because we had to use it as a marking point to spot and we all thought you said something else?