25 weeks, 3 days

God answers prayers (see, I told you!), and we have been "event free" for over 48 hours. Each time contractions have been close enough to start timing, a nurse has popped in with my regular medication and 15 minutes later, it's been smooth sailing. Over night, there were no contractions to speak of - and that hasn't happened in ten nights...hooray!

THANK YOU to those of you who have so faithfully been checking in. Tedd reads the comments you post over the phone to me, and we are both really touched by the amount of support we have received. Please keep those prayers coming...We believe they are working.

And now, a new prayer request - please pray for JP. Our little guy just recently recovered from a difficult series of ear infections, plus pneumonia. It has been fun (and a relief) to watch his energy return as he explores the world around him and enthusiastically meets developmental milestones. But...he popped a fever of 103 again this afternoon and is tugging a little on his ear. We're praying for healing overnight, but Tedd will take him to see a pediatrician if he is still feverish tomorrow.

I am so thankful that JP is in the excellent care of his very capable daddy.

God, there is so little I can do from here. Please watch out for my husband, Tedd, for JP, and for Tabitha, too.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! So glad to hear it! We will keep praying! We love and miss you all of you!

Joy said...

i am so relieved when i come on here at night and read positive updates. i hope all is well with jp. thanks for keeping us in the loop.

wheezeybouncer said...

hang in there joey. slowing down of the ctx is a good sign.

aww give poor jp a BIG hug from me. i was plagued by ear infections as a kid and know just how much they hurt :o(

always in my thoughts,
geina xx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the prayers are working! Will continue to pray for JP.

Tonya (FH)

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news!
. . . but poor JP - what a way to finish up a First Year into the next.
I will continue to keep all four of you in prayer.
Uncle Peter

ruth e bresnik said...

This is so 21st century --- great for an ole lady!! June told me how to get your updates without being a pest and I'm most grateful! You are constantly in our thought and prayers --- and it's so good to hear Tabitha (Congratulations!) continues to swim safely! Please Lord, let her do so for another 10 weeks at least! God be with all of you - and heal you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've had an uneventful 48 hours! Great news. Will keep JP in my thoughts and hope that he is fine by the morning. xxx

Amber said...

That's so wonderful to hear that your sweet little baby girl (by the way...CONGRATS!)is staying put. God is so good :-). Even though I only know you from the "forum world" I have been thinking of you and praying for you. God is so much bigger than this circumstance & I pray that you will find your comfort and peace in His arms of love right now. He is willing and able to do so much more than we could ever ask or imagine. He created your little Tabitha for great things & He loves her so very much!

Keep the updates coming!

-Amber (kennamomma-Fall/Winter Babies)