two months already?!

Can it really be two months since JP joined our family? There are no words to describe the love we have for this kiddo or the way he has rocked our lives (and faith!) for good.

The stats from his two-month appointment with Dr. Dori...

Weight: 10 lbs, 10.6 oz which is 24% (5 lbs, 11 oz at birth)
Height: 22.5 inches which is 71% (18 inches at birth)

He's growing and changing every day!

Some milestones and memorable moments from this month include...

  • Many smiles!
  • First play date (with Zion Luke!)
  • Rolls from tummy to back (one direction)
  • Attends Mommy and Me classes (
  • First overnight away from home (but with Mommy and Daddy in Big Bear)
  • Mommy and Daddy went on first date since JP's birth (thanks, Goo-Goo!)
  • Transitioned smoothly to his very own crib!

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Uncle Peter said...

Pretty eyes, handsome boy!
The blue bathtub shot looks like a classic Anne Geddes photo!