to blog?

I have a hundred excuses why I took a hiatus from our family blog. The biggest one is that we’ve been too busy playing! But, the bigger reason is that I’ve been feeling uncertain about maintaining a family blog. It feels so…narcissistic. And the world can do with less of that, don’t you think?

But, there is value in a family blog too. We have friends and family scattered around the country (and world!) and this is a nice way to let them know what life is like for us here. It is also a great resource for sharing ideas. People often say that I am crafty, but the truth is that very few of my ideas are original. I usually steal them from other mommy blogs and I am so grateful to them for the fabulous inspiration. Who knows? Maybe someone will gain a sprinkling of inspiration here like I have so many times elsewhere.

What you will not see here is a list of our children’s achievements. (Our youngest can count to bazillion!) Sharing early milestones with the masses (first teeth, steps, etc.) felt okay, but now that my kiddos are bigger, I want to put the focus on the experiences we share, the glorious messes we make, the adventures we have as a family, and the God we love. I still feel a little uneasy about blogging, so I’ll continue to pray about it. Maybe I’ll change my mind. But for now, we’re back.

Here is a big milestone I don’t mind sharing. The children have all turned another year older! We had family celebrations on the day of each birthday and a combined birthday party for the three, in August. A Jake and the Neverland Pirates party, of course!

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