seven months so soon

Deacon Anthony, our smallest son, will be seven months old in just a few days. Today, at his "well-baby" visit, he weighed in at 16 lbs, 1 oz. He is getting big so fast.

Baby Deke is a joyful little guy who is delighted by his siblings and is quick to grin while they smother him in kisses and twirl his exersaucer in circles across the kitchen floor. He especially lights up when his Goh Goh (big brother) appears. Often, I catch JP cooing the words, "I know...I know" in Deke's ear. I'm not sure what he means by this, but it is endearing and sweet and so full of love that my heart just can't stand it.

Deke is going through a phase where he really wants his mom. I suppose most babies experience this to a greater or lesser degree, but this is my first baby who must have Mommy - and ONLY Mommy - NOW. We're trying to meet his need with understanding (even when we don't always "get" it) and to just love, love, love.

But really. He's pretty darling. Loving him comes naturally.

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