Tabitha Maureen

This little girl is...well...a little girl! No longer a baby, Tabitha has recently cartwheeled through a developmental growth spurt and she is so much fun! Our Mei Mei has a bold personality and we can hardly wait to see who she will be when she grows up. Both determined and delightful, she makes her desires clear and will never be lost in the shuffle as a middle child. She is also a generally joyful child, which is a relief to us since she spent most of her first year of life in tears! But now, at 21 months, she is confident, coordinated, and sweet. Her favorite books are "Snug House, Bug House" and "The House that Jack Built." Her favorite activity? Eating! She also loves bath time, climbing, playing in all things water-related, and cooking in her play kitchen. Oh, and this is a little girl who simply adores her daddy.

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