we made butterflies!

I just love these beautiful butterflies the kids made!

This is an easy art project with stunning results. I'd seen blogs with ideas for making butterflies using watercolors and basket-style coffee filters, but I never remembered to pick up basket filters at the grocery store. So, yesterday, we modified the "recipe" and used cone filters instead. It was super easy! Simply, cut the filter open and (wallah!) a butterfly shape!

Next, paint the filters. Most directions call for watercolor paints, but I couldn't find ours. We used old finger-paints and diluted them with water. I suspect any watery paint would do.

It was fun to add dots! All of the patterns are so pretty. Next time, I think we'll fill spray bottles with colored water.

Finally, we let them dry, added pipe-cleaner antennae, and taped them to the sliding-glass door in the kitchen. I love them!

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Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Wonderful Butterflies!