85 miles from our home is the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve where the hillsides are blanketed in orange poppies, this time of year. Yesterday, we hopped in the mini van and took a day-trip to see for ourselves.

Not far from the reserve, we passed fields bursting with poppies and we couldn't resist pulling over to see them up close. We weren't the only ones poppy-pleased. A big herd of sheep merrily munched them and the children laughed and laughed at the blossoms hanging from the mouths of our sheep friends.

The reserve was impressive and I would highly recommend it to folks without toddlers. There are eight miles of trails to hike and the view from the hills is beautiful. But, the rules say that adventure must be contained to the trails since rattlesnakes are out!

Below is a slideshow with more highlights from the day.

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