wait...it gets better?

So, we had just moved in and were feeling overwhelmed by the support of our family and friends and still trying to really believe that the new house is our home when it got even better...

Tedd's sis and her family were visiting when we took our first family walk around the neighborhood. At the end of the street is a culdesac with a gate that leads to...THIS!


Neighbors tell us that it is a protected nature preserve and that, since it is hidden within our small community, it is really only used by our neighbors - and rarely! What?! A natural private park at the end of our street?! You're kidding?!

As we walked down the path, dozens of bunny rabbits scampered from the trail. We passed lizards and a whole variety of plants that I can't name - but will some day!

Around every corner...every step of the way...we have found the most wonderful surprises leaving no doubt that this home was hand-picked by God. We feel overwhelmed with good fortune, blessed beyond what we deserve, and thankful for so, so much.

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