happy Valentine's day!

Sure, Valentine's Day is really different with two babies (and one on the way) but that doesn't make it less meaningful. In fact, this day is one of the best Valentine's days I can remember. And here is why...it was all about love.

1. We started our day with a Valentine exchange. (Okay, fine...AND I received a gorgeous onyx toggle bracelet in a blue box from my #1 Valentine!) LOVE!

2. We went to church and were reminded of God's endless love for us and for all of the people of the world. Now, that's LOVE!

3. We went to a train show in Long Beach and the kids had a blast. My favorite was watching the kids ride a Thomas the Train locomotive and seeing JP hold his sister close as she leaned back into his arms.

4. We went to Borders and looked at books, rode the ferris wheel and carousel, ate dinner before the sun went down, and sang silly songs all the way home. The afternoon was filled with squeals of delight and so much laughter that my heart hurt because...

I love this life. I love that our children remind us to delight in the smallest things. We are amazed that we could be so blessed and I love...

I LOVE...my valentines.

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