egg crate Chinese dragons!

You too can make your very own egg crate Chinese dragons! In honor of Chinese New Year, we made these two as gifts for Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh. Below, are the instructions. Notice the change in clothing? Well, we made this craft over a span of three days!

First, cut a paper egg carton into two sets of cups and paint them.

After the paint is dry, cut the cups apart, trim them, and decorate them with glitter-glue, markers, and stickers of your choice!

After the decorations are dry, add pom-poms to the top of each cup.

Cut a dragon "head" from construction paper or foam and decorate it. We added glitter around the edges...

And googly-eyes!

Then, daddy poked holes in each of the cups and laced them together with ribbon.

Family crafts are fun! We should give credit to, the site from which we took the idea and modified it to make it our own.


Michelle said...

Oh wow these are so cute what a great idea. I have seen the egg crate caterpillars but never thought to do dragons with them!!

Deborah Stewart said...

These are darling - I love seeing the photos of your little ones painting. Too cute!