Well Baby Visits

Two weeks ago, both Tabitha and JP had their "well-baby" visits with Dr. Dori. The truth is, neither of them have been feeling very "well" lately. We've been through at least three different viruses, plus stomach flu, asthma attacks, medication side-effects, and an allergic reaction to sunscreen. We are soooo ready to be healthy! You'll notice, in the photos below, that JP looks particularly miserable. That's because he was at the tail end of the sunscreen allergy, hence the super-puffy eyes and boo-boo lip.

Through all this illness, the kids both lost a bit of weight, but are doing just dandy today. (knock, knock, knock.)

The stats:

At five months, Tabitha weighed in at 13.15 lbs
and was 23.5 inches long!

At nineteen months, JP weighed in at 27 lbs, 8 oz
and was 2 feet, 9 inches tall!

We are so thankful for our Dr. Dori who keeps everyone as healthy as can be and who is a fabulous support to not only the children, but also their parents.

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