weight check...reality check

Yesterday, Tabitha had her weekly weight check. (Remember, a week ago she weighed in at
5 pounds, 12 ounces.) This week, she is a whopping
6 pounds, 8 ounces...Wowee!

On the way to the clinic, I was singing along to a Kendall Payne song called Daddy. It is about a woman reflecting on her relationship with her father, on her wedding day. One of the verses goes like this:

I will always love you and I will always be your little girl
None could come between us,
you’ll forever be the first man in my world
But when he smiles I can see how much he reminds me of you
A man of faith, a man of strength, who loves me like you do

Naturally, my imagination went to Tabitha and Tedd (okay, so I choreographed their father-daughter dance in my head...So!) and I found myself (once again) a little weepy. I pray Tabitha will have that kind of relationship with her dad.

This girl is growing up fast. Now, some of you will snicker when I say that because she is just a wee little thing. But, if you are a mom...you know.

And so, yesterday's clinic visit was a mini reality check (again, again) to try and embrace each day of my girl's life. To keep smothering her in kisses before she says no way. To thank God for the middle of the night feedings because somehow...some way...I've been chosen to parent the most amazing kids on the planet. And they are growing up fast. I don't care what you say.


Peter Varvel said...

I kind of understand, as much as I can with no kids and only dogs.
I try not to feel irritated by any middle-of-the-night canine needs when I think about what I would give to do the same, again, for the late and beloved Caesar-the-pug.
I am grateful to be able to just stop and be thankful for "just this moment," and on such a frequent basis, too.
Sounds as if you have many years' worth of those moments ahead of you - yay!

Amber said...

I absolutely understand what you mean about them growing up fast...and it is definitely a reminder to be thankful for each moment! So good to hear how well all of you are doing.

Manya said...

She is getting some cheeks! I think they get bigger every time I see her cute little face!

The Grishams (Kim, Hank, Eli, and Gus) said...

You are an amazing mom. Do you know how much I look up to you??

-Kim from Fall/Winter Babies Forum

Anonymous said...

You know, I think your hubby is right. The more Tabitha grows and develops her own features, the more and more she is looking like you. She is adorable and so are you!

Melanie (mermaine)