here we go...!

For the past three weeks, we have had the benefit of my mother's helping hand. Her visit couldn't have been more perfectly timed and it was just super sweet to watch the way she loves her grandbabies. She is a terrific grandma and taught JP all of the animal sounds during their adventures together. She also made us dinner (yay, meatballs!) cleaned the condo, and graciously put up with my swinging hormones. Thanks, Po Po! We love you.

Last week, Tedd came home with a cold and although we tried our best to contain it, JP and Po Po were both hit with the crud. (Not fun!)

We still had fun though. JP and his Daddy made a great box tunnel, complete with skylights and a window!

As for Miss Tabitha, she keeps growing and growing. She is a wonderful baby. Our only challenge is the reflux she struggles with. Otherwise, she is just a dream infant and (naturally) as cute as a button! Here are some photos of Tabitha during her fifth week of life.

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Anonymous said...

I wanna play in the box tunnel!
Yay, Po po!
How is it possible for one baby girl to keep getting more and more gorgeous in such a short time?