girls just wanna have fun!


Jennifer said...

Haha, the wings are bigger than the baby. :)

(PikaJen from Delphi)

Peter Varvel said...

Just "a-door-bell!" (adorable!)
And sorry I touched before Purell-ing, first, yesterday.
I couldn't resist!

Anonymous said...

Tabitha is precious in her "Tinkerbell" wings.

JP is . . . well, I could just gobble him up, he's absolutely precious. Don't you wish you knew what he was thinking when he gives you that little grin with his eyes? Po Po is in love . . . and she said she wouldn't be one of THOSE grandmas . . . yeah, right! I tried to tell her!

Aunt Karen

Anonymous said...

By the way, the parents aren't too bad on the eyes. Great job you two.
Aunt Karen