Tabitha's here!

Yup - she's here!

Tabitha Maureen Song Lian Szeto entered the world yesterday (September 4, 2008) at 6:34 pm. She was 8 weeks early, so she only weighted 4 lbs, 5 oz. and was 17.1 inches long. She'll have to stay in the NICU for a while, but everyone assures us that she's fine and healthy. Praise God!

Joey is also doing well. She was completely strong through the entire process - she did it without any pain medication! I am SO proud of her.

She describes yesterday afternoon as a scene from a horror movie. We went to the hospital with some contractions, and they said she was 5 cm dilated. The doctors expected it to progress slowly, so they decided to admit her for observation. She could tell that these contractions were the real deal, but Labor and Delivery was busy with a couple of emergencies, so we had to wait in the triage area - and that's where Joey spent several hours in active labor. When they finally moved us to a room, they checked her and found she was ready to deliver! We weren't in that room for more that 5 minutes when they rushed us to the OR. It all happened so fast. Tabitha was delivered in a matter of minutes. The pediatric team then rushed her into an incubator and took her to the NICU. She was breathing on her own and everything looked great!

Joey made it look easy. I know it was a really REALLY painful experience. But she was completely focused and had so much love for the baby. I am really proud of her. I couldn't ask for a better mom for my little boy and girl.

By the way, Tabitha Maureen was named after our mothers (just like Joseph Paul was named for our dads). Joey's mom's name is Maureen and my mom is Dorcas (the biblical Aramaic equivalent of Dorcas is Tabitha). Song Lian is her Chinese name. Song means praise (for our miracle baby) and Lian means Lotus flower.

Even though the baby was born at 32 weeks, we are thankful that it wasn't 24 weeks (when Joey was in the hospital the first time). We are also very thankful for all the support from friends and family we've received throughout these last few months. We believe all the prayers worked, and ask you to continue to remember Tabitha in your prayers as she develops and grows.

I'm not great at this blogging stuff, so I'll let Joey do the updates from here on out. She should be allowed to come home tonight.


Kimberly & Hank said...

I am so excited for you guys! I had a feeling Tabitha would be okay if she arrived early, and I'm happy to see that she is doing well. When she gets older, you will have to tell her how excited she was to enter the world and that she just couldn't wait to meet her family!! God bless you guys, what an awesome family you are! <3

- Kim/Kagrish, Friend from Delphi :)

Jessica said...

was trying to post a comment and emailed you instead - silly - buy Congratulations! she's beautiful and pink and tiny but a fighter like her mama. Love

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your whole family! That's wonderful news! - Brian A.

Samantha from FH said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Tabitha is gorgeous!

Joy said...

she is beautiful. we are so excited to meet tabitha. and joey - you look amazing after giving birth. it should be a crime!

joy and family

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am sooo happy that things look good. Tabitha is beautiful and I love the stories of her name. She is a special little girl who is surrounded by such love. What a beautiful family :)

Cindy (FH)

wheezeybouncer said...

Aww. Congratulations to all of you and welcome to little Tabitha. She's going to be a fighter. Little ones do brilliantly these days (my oldest was less at term, now she's a brat!)

Geina xx

kbeeps said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so glad to see that she's doing well!

Karen from Fall/Winter Babies

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOH! I am so in love with her already! I can't wait to meet her!
("And she has the same birthday as Beyonce!" said silly Uncle Peter)

Manya said...

I love her already! She is so precious. And Joy is right, Joey you look way to good after just giving birth!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Congrats to you all. She is gorgeous! We are so happy she is doing so well, and hopefully she gets to join you all at home soon. Can't wait to meet you little Tabitha.

mandy cassil said...

YAY!!!! we are soo excited for you and can't wait to meet the beautiful girl.