a better birthday party

Last month, JP had an awkward birthday party during a family visit when Mommy was in the hospital. Yesterday, we created a much better memory with a celebration with his best buddies.

As we were singing "Pop Goes the Weasle" in the pool, a realtor walked by showing a family the common areas of the condo complex. Can you imagine her stuttering to assure potential buyers that the pool area is not always filled with toddlers?


Anonymous said...

Just as long as nobody popped any "brown weasles" in the pool, LOL.
Married Manya looks radiant and happy, as does Big 1-year-old Boy JP!

wheezeybouncer said...

that certainly looked like more fun for all concerned!

and that poor realtor! ah well, the kids enjoyed it and that's most important. why have a pool facility and not use it?


Joy said...

great party for a wonderful little boy. and by the way - your pictures with your new camera are gorgeous. i love the solo shots of the kids!