28 weeks!

We've reached our first goal of 28 weeks!

Thank you sooooo much for those of you who check in regularly to see how things are going, and thanks especially for your prayers. Looking at where we were a month ago (meeting with the NICU team and trying to slow close contractions) we believe it is nothing short of answered prayer that Tabitha's delivery has been postponed. Our next goal is 32 weeks at which time I'll stop taking medication and let Tabitha come when she is ready.

Many of you have asked if I'm on bedrest. The answer is no. The group of docs I've been working with believe that bedrest can cause more harm than good (including DVT, cardiovascular deconditioning, muscular atrophy, and blood clots) and studies seem to indicate that strict bed rest doesn't seem to prolong delivery (in cases like ours) much at all, if any.

For now, I have permission to putter around the house, but need to use a wheelchair when we go out. Usually, Tedd pushes and JP rides on my lap which is fun for The Boy and me, but hard work for Daddy! We're following doctor's orders, but hope to be able to return to a more "normal" routine some time soon.

Several of you have commented on our strong faith throughout this journey, but let's be honest - isn't it always easier to reach out to God when it seems like your world is falling apart? Now that the days are passing without incident, it takes a conscious decision to hand my life over to the Lord...it is so easy (and ridiculous) to think I'm self-sufficient.

Today, I am especialy grateful for the opportunity to be a wife and mother...and for the gift of new life...mine and the daughter who already has hold of our hearts.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for confirming the continuing good news!
You and your husband both looked great last Sunday!
I am so happy that everyone is safe and healthy!