24 weeks, 5 days

Last night was a good night. I was moved back to a regular room which is quieter and bigger with a bed and overhead lights that I can actually control myself. (Ah, the little things we take for granted!)

Today, Tedd and JP visited and it was the best! Not only did they arrive with lunch, but with bunches of beautiful flowers. After we played together on the bed, JP took a nap and it was just so good to have him next to me…my love tank is overflowing!

While this is a frightening time, it is also filled with precious moments. I have never been more aware of how blessed I am to have such an amazing husband and son. Blows me away, really. Thanks, Theo, for being my biggest support, my partner, my best friend, and the very best daddy I could ever have dreamed of for our children. (And yes, you must post this without edit because I say so – and I’m still the mom…*grin*)

One of the top docs from Complicated Obstetrics came by today to introduce herself. We’re still taking things day by day. Obviously, the goal is to get the contractions under control, at least for the next month, so Baby can come safely into the world. Until they figure out the right combo of medications, I’ll be here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for update - we will continue to check in here (and continue to pray, too) regularly.
Uncle Peter

Anonymous said...

I am continually praying for you guys! Stay in little one!

Cindy (FH)

mandy said...

we are praying for you joey. may God's will be done and may he grant you the wisdom and strength to make it through whatever comes next. may his hand of healing and guidance be on you and your baby. may his peace be with all four of you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you've made it this far Joey... hang in there... you can do it! Thanks for the updates... keeping you in prayer... may God comfort you every moment... love and blessings to you, Tedd and the Babies... Robin