father's day

This is our family...
Okay, not really. But, get this...Tedd sewed a beautiful maternity dress for Joey and matching overalls for JP...really!! We are sooooo Sound of Music! We were looking forward to showing off our couture outfits at church, but JP wasn't feeling super, so he spent the morning in his jammies. We did venture out to lunch with family though. JP is just the luckiest kiddo to have such a wonderful, creative daddy.

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Anonymous said...

So THAT'S why Daddy was wearing a green tie last Sunday! I'm sorry I missed seeing the dress and overalls in person, so thanks for posting!
My, what a lot of catching up you've just done, for a very busy month!
Love the orange stroller in one of the NY photos (you were able to take that on a plane with you?!!)
~Uncle Peter