snowmobiling surprise

For Christmas, Joey's mom surprised us with the gift of a snowmobile rental and Uncle Dan served as our expert instructor and tour guide (THANKS to both!) We spent the better part of a day zipping around the breathtaking trails of Skalkaho Pass while Po Po babysat. (We think it was all her creative plot for some alone time with JP!)

We had a great time and especially loved riding around an open area that is a lake in the summer. Thing is...a city boy and a snowmobile can be a dangerous combination. Uncle Dan and I were chatting while Tedd whizzed around the lake. "Neerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooom," went the machine...and then...nothing...silence. After a few minutes, we decided Tedd might be in trouble, so we mounted a search and rescue mission. Sure enough, we found a Chinese Snowman buried in the powder with only his head and arms showing! Luckily, he wasn't hurt, but it did take us over an hour to dig the machine out! (Thanks, UD for your great sense of humor!)

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