first halloween

JP's first Halloween was a lot of fun.

On Tuesday mornings, we attend a Mommy and Me class with about twenty-five other moms from the community. It is so much fun to be around other moms and their kiddos. A potluck was held on the week of Halloween and dads were encouraged to attend. Tedd got to experience the sisterhood of mommies firsthand and the costumed babes were just adorable.

Next, was the Harvest Festival at our church. The choir was in charge of the fishing booth and our small group hosted a bean bag toss and caramel apple stand. It was a great outreach to the community and the kids had a blast.

We also attended the Kidspace Pumpkin Festival.

But the best of all was seeing all of the cousins together on Halloween. Check out Masons super-cool robot costume!

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Uncle Peter said...

Wow! A whole gaggle of Anne Geddes babies!

Great costumes, everyone! Was that Tedd's orange Mickey shirt? ;-)