Grandparents are the BEST and JP has some really loving ones who have shared in his first month of life.

Joey's mom, Maureen (known as Po-Po by JP) flew in from Montana just as soon as she heard Joey was really in labor. Unfortunately, flights out of Missoula are limited and the airport all but shuts down overnight, but she was able to catch a 6 am flight the next day and made her arrival into Burbank airport just as JP was born! They spent the next three weeks getting to know each other.

Tedd's parents were in Hawaii when JP was born, but were all smiles when they met him a few days later. We are really blessed because they live nearby. (JP calls them Mah Mah and Yeh Yeh.)

Finally, one more set of special grandparents - Don and June Little, known as G-ma and G-pa!

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