our wedding story...

On Christmas Eve, 1995, Tedd flew to Montana and asked Joey to be his wife!

Six months later, on July 02, 2005, we celebrated our marriage in the church where our friendship first began, Trinity Baptist Church in Santa Monica. More than 350 family members and friends joined us. Many called the afternoon a “wedding-extravaganza.” And why not? We understand that our union is a miracle of grace and we want the world to know!

Each detail of our celebration was deliberate. From the choir singing “Be Thou My Vision” and “Gift of Love,” a breathtaking rendition of “The Prayer” (by special friends Cindy and Radmar during communion), personally written vows, to boutonnieres and corsages made with Tedd’s own hands…We soaked in every moment.

We wanted to be surrounded by people who believe in us and our wedding party consisted of most of our closest friends. Joey’s escorts were David Durso, Don Little, and Tinh Khuong. Particularly significant moments included a meaningful prayer by Rev. Bill Dogterom who met us at the front of the sanctuary to begin our ceremony with a powerful blessing. Tedd’s surprise gift of a special song for Joey titled “If You Could See What I See” left nary a dry eye in the church! And the friends and mentors who spoke during the ceremony: Dave Wanner, Dr. Russ Spittler, and Joanna’s mom, Maureen, all touched us deeply.

We wanted to publicly declare Christ to be the center of our marriage and were profoundly touched by the praise and worship set, led by the Szeto cousins. It was a powerful time of commitment for both of us.

Tedd’s father, Paul, officiated with the assistance of Dr. Harold Lane, and we savored the gift of family blessing.

The reception was a Chinese banquet in Monterey Park, complete with a traditional tea ceremony. Tedd’s sisters and cousins surprised us with musical tributes and several of our friends provided entertainment.

Thank you to all who helped make our special day so complete. People ask us if the day was all that we dreamed it would be. The answer is NO...it was better!

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